Better Options than Donating A Car

Donating a car to stollery children’s hospital or the kidney centre is sure a kind way of showing your gratitude for the great service these organizations provide.  However, when you donate your car to them, they have to go through the overhead expenses of recycling the car.  This can sometimes mean that the full value of the car is not realized towards the cause and instead part of it is wasted to over the overheard.

Another better option is to sell your car to www.junkedmonton.com.  We will offer you the best value for your used car.  We love to buy domestic or imported vehicles and we don’t even care about the condition.  It can be a car that is a total loss, salvage title or even something that just broke down and is not worth fixing.  Once you get the cash for us, you can donate that amount of the Kidney Centre or the Stollery Children’s hospital.  This way you have taken care off the overhead expenses and now they end up getting cash amount which can be utilized in full towards worth causes.  Best of all, you still get a tax receipt from them for the cash donation.

This process is a win win situation for all.  So call us now to junk your car and get paid cash!

Why us?

  • fast cash for cars
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  • better option than donating your car
  • an alternate to donating a car to strollery
  • best ROI when compared to donating a car to kidney center